Monday, June 22, 2009

Why I Deserve My Own Diamond

I'm at an age (26) where all my friends are either getting engaged, buying houses with their partners or having babies. Every weekend it's a shower or wedding or housewarming. That somewhat gets old after a while. My boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me 2 weeks ago. And it doesn't even matter if we're together or not, I was never getting a diamond. And I was always told I wasn't getting a diamond by everyone else that surrounded me that felt the need to prod. I finally realized, I don't need a diamond by a guy to feel content. I don't need someone to hog my bed. I don't need to be invited to couple outings. I'm at a place in my life, for once, where I'm happy alone. My grandmother passed away a couple months ago. I am now moving into her apartment, it's my first own apartment. It's just me, my dog and the memories I have of Granny as I look around the place. And I'm content. I'm very proud of myself for finally hitting this point because for so long, I had no idea how to get here. I wanted a boyfriend more than anyone. I wanted someone to fulfill me. I wanted the happy ending. Then I realized sometimes it's better to be 1 whole than half of 2. I can make my own plans without checking in with someone. I can live without expectations. I don't have people constantly asking me if I've caught up with my twin sister yet. (she's engaged to be married this fall and living with her fiancee) Asking how me and what's-his-name are doing. Now it's just me with an open road and nobody in the way. And I deserve this diamond as a reminder to myself that I always remember that.

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